Tertiary Innovative Students Awards
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Recognizing Students Success
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Key Features of TISA

Annual Awards Ceremony

TISA culminates in an inspiring ceremony that showcases winners, shares success stories, and fosters a sense of community celebration

Opportunities Desk for Student Growth

TISA provides a dedicated Opportunities Desk, offering students a platform to explore growth opportunities, connect with mentors, access resources, and discover study abroad opportunities. This feature underscores TISA's commitment to fostering continuous student development beyond the award recognition.

Community Engagement and Impact

Beyond individual achievements, TISA recognizes students for their contributions to community development and positive societal impact.

Diverse Recognition Categories

TISA celebrates achievements across a wide range of categories, ensuring diverse talents and expertise are acknowledged..

About Us

Innovative Students Award (TISA), hosted by Prime Network, has been a transformative annual event recognizing outstanding student achievements. From its inaugural ceremony to the global stage of TISA 3.0, these events have celebrated innovation, leadership, and diverse talents within the academic community.Tertiary Innovative Students Award (TISA) has grown to become a prestigious event, now in its third edition. 

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TISA Highlights: A Journey of Excellence

 As we reminisce, TISA’s legacy stands as a beacon of inspiration, propelling students towards greatness and fostering a culture of excellence. The impact of TISA extends far beyond the ceremony, shaping a future where student success knows no bounds.


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