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 Tertiary Innovative Students Award (TISA) – Recoginzing Students Success! Nominate individuals who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in various fields, contributing to a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

Eligible Criteria

Academic Excellence: Demonstrated outstanding academic performance and a commitment to educational excellence.

Innovation and Creativity: Exhibited innovative thinking and creativity in academic or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Showcased entrepreneurial initiatives, including the development of projects, businesses, or solutions.

Leadership Skills: Displayed exceptional leadership qualities within academic, extracurricular, or community activities.

Community Impact: Made a positive impact on the community through projects, initiatives, or community service.

Collaboration and Teamwork: Demonstrated effective collaboration and teamwork in group projects or community engagement.

Global Perspective: Showed an understanding of global issues and contributed to projects or initiatives with an international impact.

Inclusivity and Diversity: Promoted inclusivity and diversity within academic or community settings.

Involvement in Extra-Curricular Activities: Actively participated in extracurricular activities, clubs, or organizations, showcasing a well-rounded commitment to personal development.

Resilience and Overcoming Challenges: Demonstrated resilience in the face of challenges and exhibited a commitment to personal and academic growth.

Recommendations and Testimonials: Received recommendations or testimonials from peers, faculty, or mentors, highlighting the nominee’s exceptional qualities and contributions.

These criteria aim to capture a holistic view of the nominee’s achievements, emphasizing academic excellence, innovation, leadership, and positive community impact. The TISA nomination process seeks to identify individuals who embody the values and aspirations of Prime Network in fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within the student community.

How to Nominate

 Choose a Category: Browse through the categories listed below and select the one that best fits the nominee’s achievements.

Read Eligibility Criteria: Ensure the nominee meets the eligibility criteria for the selected category.

 Complete the Nomination Form: Provide accurate and detailed information in the nomination form.

Submit Supporting Documentation: Include relevant documents showcasing the nominee’s achievements, projects, or impact.

Submit Your Nomination: Click the “Submit” button to officially nominate the deserving student.

 Nomination Categories

1. Best Student in Leadership & Politics/Activist
2. Most Influential Student
3. Best Student Entrepreneur
4. Best Women’s Commissioner
5. Best Association/Group
6. Best Student PRO (Public Relations Officer)
7. Best Student Foundation
8. Student Journalist (TV/Radio/Blogger/Writer/Author/Reporter)
9. Content Creator/YouTuber/TikToker
10. Best Social Media Influencer
11. Best Student Videographer/Photographer
12. Best Student in Event Management
13. Best Student in Music
14. Best Student Fashion/Fitness/Discovery Runway Model
15. Best Student in Sports
16. Best Student MC of the Year
17. Best Student in Film (Acting) – Male/Female
18. Best Student Makeup Artist/Makeup Brand/Discovery
19. Best Student Personality
20. Best Student DJ
21. Best Student Model
22. Best Student Fashion Designer
23. Best Student Graphic Designer
24. Best Student Dancer
25. Best Student in Cosmetology
26. Best Student SRC/NUGS/GUPS/JRC/USAG/TTAG President
27. Best Student Spoken Word/Poet
28. Best Brand Influencer
29. Best Student in Community/Societal Development
30. Best Student Beauty Queen
31. Best Student Animator/Video Editor/Film Director
32. Best Student in Agriculture
33. Best Student in Engineering/Innovation
34. Best Student in Health Care
35. Best Student in Academics
36. Best Student in Software Developer/Information Technology
37. Best Student Hair Stylist/Barber

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