About Us

Our Guiding Principle

Prime Network, established on February 13, 2019, in Sundaland, UK, is a private organization founded by Kingsley Anim and Ms. Blandina. At our core, we are driven by a commitment to empowering and transforming the lives of young student entrepreneurs across Africa. Our organization envisions a future where barriers to education are dismantled, allowing every aspiring student entrepreneur to explore global opportunities and realize their full potential.


Shaping Futures, Breaking Barriers Prime Network envisions a world where educational and entrepreneurial barriers are shattered. We aspire to foster a global community of student entrepreneurs who are not only academically accomplished but also innovative, resilient, and equipped to shape the future. Our vision is rooted in the belief that education is a transformative force that transcends boundaries and empowers individuals to create lasting impact.


Empowering Dreams, Transforming Lives To serve as a catalyst for change, providing financial support and scholarship opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries. By doing so, we aim to unlock the doors to education and opportunities for young minds, creating a ripple effect of positive transformation in their lives.

Tertiary Innovative Students Awards (TISA)

As part of our expansion into Ghana, Prime Network proudly introduces the Tertiary Innovative Students Award (TISA). What started as an initiative by Nicholas Gyamfi, has now evolved into an official Prime Network event. TISA stands as a testament to our commitment to recognizing and celebrating the innovative endeavors of students, while also endorsing the entrepreneurial spirit within the academic community.

The Tertiary Innovative Students Award was initiated by Nicholas Gyamfi, a student who won the Best Student Entrepreneurship Award in 2022, as recognized by the University of Ghana Career and Counseling Centre. Nicholas Gyamfi, now a business development manager at Ozone Broadband and the founder and CEO of Whitebox Media and Campus Mall, proposed the idea on July 16th, 2021. This initiative was born out of our commitment to scout for emerging entrepreneurs.

Recognition and Impact:
Since its inception, the Tertiary Innovative Students Award (TISA) has grown to become a prestigious event, now in its third edition. Recognized by students from various institutions and endorsed by numerous student organizations, TISA has awarded over 50 students in Ghana. The event has garnered substantial support from sponsors, enabling us to provide financial assistance to deserving students.

Official Prime Network Event:
TISA is now an integral part of Prime Network’s initiatives, solidifying its status as our official event. The awards ceremony will be hosted annually to celebrate and recognize the success of students who have demonstrated exceptional innovation and entrepreneurial prowess.

Join us in applauding the achievements of these young minds, and together, let’s continue fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the academic community.

What to Expert

Collaborative Learning
Our summits are designed to be hubs of collaborative learning. Expect keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive sessions that delve into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Networking Opportunities
Prime Network events are renowned for providing unparalleled networking opportunities. Attendees will connect with like-minded individuals, potential mentors, and industry experts, fostering valuable relationships that can propel their entrepreneurial journey.

Inspirational Stories
Be prepared to be inspired by real success stories. Our summits will feature entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges, achieved significant milestones, and are making a positive impact in their communities.

Global Impact

Entrepreneurship Summits and Programs

Prime Network has a proud history of organizing dynamic entrepreneurship summits and programs. These events serve as global hubs for collaboration, learning, and networking, connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with industry leaders and fostering a culture of growth.

Entrepreneurial and Educational Impact

Our commitment extends beyond financial aid. 

Prime Network actively supports the entrepreneurial spirit by providing funds to young entrepreneurs, covering tuition expenses, and fostering an environment that encourages innovation. We believe in the transformative power of education and entrepreneurship to shape lives and create positive impact in communities.

Expanding Our Reach To Ghana

New Horizons: Entrepreneurship Summits in Ghana

In 2024, Prime Network is excited to bring our expertise and commitment to entrepreneurship to Ghana. We plan to organize two impactful Entrepreneurship Summits, one in Winneba and another in Greater Accra. These summits aim to create spaces for entrepreneurs to explore opportunities, share insights, and be inspired by the success stories of those who have made significant strides in the business world.

Join Us

Prime Network invites entrepreneurs, students, and anyone passionate about entrepreneurship to join us in Ghana for these groundbreaking events. Together, let’s build a global community that thrives on innovation, collaboration, and empowerment.

Stay tuned for more details and announcements about our upcoming Entrepreneurship Summits and TISA in Ghana. We look forward to creating an environment where entrepreneurial dreams flourish.

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